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Avian Reproduction:


The avians’ more distant ancestors laid their squishy shell-less eggs in freshwater. But then the world underwent a long warm period, the oceans expanded, and freshwater became rare. The solution that evolved was for the other sex to carry the eggs in a marsupial-like pouch. Give or take a few million years later, avian’s direct ancestors were still using this method, and usually mating by both hanging from the same tree branch, facing each other. Eventually they lost their gripping wing hands for feet, and the sex position shifted to standing. Skimmers think sex while standing is uncivilized, and that the best way to bang is sitting on top of your partner. Brights develop eggs in the spring. After laying those eggs in a pouch, the opening closes, usually only one egg is fertilized, and the rest absorbed for material by the growing child. The pouch secretes a nutritional fluid to help the kid along. Common birth control methods relax the pouch sphincter or deliberately trigger natural abortion. Homosexual activities are usually manual or toy based, cloacal sex is rare because the cloaca is uncomfortably tight to most ovipositors, and oral sex isn’t a thing because….. look at their mouths, would you want one within 3 feet of your junk.